Our Housing Development Plan

AHNI develops quality affordable housing that remains affordable for the long term, and to the extent possible, has curb appeal and amenities consistent with area market-rate housing. Whether engaging in single-family home development, or acquisition and rehabilitation of apartment units, AHNI ensures the result has a positive impact on the larger community. AHNI’s development activities utilize approaches designed to revitalize neighborhoods.

Because AHNI’s current inventory includes a substantial number of smaller one-bedroom and efficiency housing units, new development will focus on creating housing opportunities for families. This means the creation of larger units in smaller sized developments with linkages to services that meet the needs of families. Existing smaller units allow for a secondary emphasis on the single, chronically mentally ill population, and young adults aging out of the foster care system.

Development Criteria

AHNI is willing to engage in new construction, renovation and rehabilitation as long as financial and development criteria are met. Projects will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Housing Type

AHNI will focus on development and/or rehabilitation of housing appropriate for families.  This may include single-family homes for sale, rent-to-own, home sales on contract, and rental of apartment units of a size appropriate for families with children.

Income Target

Housing will largely be available for populations with incomes of 80 percent of the area median income or less.  Some units with will have no income restrictions, providing options for those whose incomes increase while in AHNI housing.

Service Area

AHNI’s current service area is the City of Cedar Rapids and the counties adjacent to Linn County.


When evaluating development opportunities, consideration will be given to the proximity to green spaces, access to schools, public transportation, jobs and other community services.  To the extent possible, AHNI will encourage the development of healthy and vibrant communities by offering resident education and linking residents to other services that will enhance their lives.

Management Responsibilities

Smaller, scattered-site development must allow for management and maintenance responsibilities to be taken care of by AHNI property management staff in a feasible and economical manner.

Financial Feasibility

Projects should be financially feasible and self-sufficient within a three- to five-year period.

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