Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

Rent and Security Deposit Assistance for qualified households

Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) program provides Rental Assistance and/or Deposit Assistance for Low Income Households who want to rent from a  landlord (that is not a relative).  Under the TBRA Program, participants are responsible for locating the rental unit they want to rent within the city limits of:

  • Cedar Rapids
  • Marion
  • Hiawatha
  • Clinton
  • Dubuque

Participants choose the type of housing they wish to rent (i.e. house, duplex, apartment). The participant’s portion of the rent is a minimum of 30% of their adjusted monthly income. TBRA pays the remainder of the contract rent to the private property landlord. 

Am I eligible for this TBRA Program?

The Applicant must be verified as disabled, homeless or at risk of homelessness and successful completion of substance use treatment within the last 12 months. Applicants must not be on the sex offender registry to qualify for assistance and can not be receiving other HUD rent assistance. The landlords are required to complete their own background checks based on their normal screening criteria. For more information on the program rules please review the TBRA Admin Plan. The full admin plan is available upon request. This program has a waiting list. Register to be placed on the waiting list.

Important Information about the TBRA Program

In order to qualify participants must meet admission guidelines for TBRA

  • TBRA participants must remain in rented unit for the initial one-year lease term (shorter lease terms are not permitted through  TBRA)
  • There is no provision to port-out of our jurisdiction under TBRA
  • If the participant becomes eligible for Section 8 during their initial one-year lease term under TBRA, the participant may either continue to lease your unit or may relocate to a different unit;
  • Gross Rents shall not exceed the jurisdiction’s applicable rent standards and shall be reasonable, based on rent charged for comparable, unassisted rental units.
  • Assisted Unit must meet local housing codes and standards and Section 8 Housing Quality Standards (HQS).  At least one HQS inspection must be conducted each year.   Lead Based paint regulations apply to each unit.
  • Private landlords who are participating in the TBRA Program will have a written contract with AHNI. This contract is necessary to provide TBRA payments to the landlord on behalf of an eligible family. The contract contains program requirements for participation.
  • Participants can use the TBRA assistance with their Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher for Deposit Assistance.

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